January 23, 2008

Fahrenheit New Year Celebration

Fahrenheit's live singing has improved! Their live singing is much better now than when they first started out. They were performing at this event, 台南縣和平祈福跨年晚會, for New Year and it was super cold and windy that night! They sang two songs live,Xin Wo and Bu Hui Ai, and lip-synched two songs, Wei Ni Cun Zai and Chao Xi Huan Ni. At first, when they were singing Xin Wo, it was shaky and out of tune in the beginning but then it got much better at the end. Go Fahrenheit!


  1. yea, you're right.. it's so off in the beginning x.x; but it gets better lols i think only calvin and jiro can carry a note x.x; cant hear chun singing at all and aaron >_>; he's so off x.x;i dont think i wanna listen to the rest lols i sure my view of them will be better if i stick to listening to cd version lols they need to practice more man -.-' their company makes them spend too much time on dramas and not enough on what they SHOULD do which is SINGING and maybe dancing lols see, DBSK would never have this off-tune problem.. i have a million live perfs and there's only ONCE where yunho goes off for a second ><; it's cause SM makes them work day and night. they practice till super late T_T; like till 7am then more activities O.o; yups, SM is known to abuse their people

  2. wow, that is a super long comment! yea, im kinda disappointed at arron's performance but i noticed that he kept touching his microphone or earphone, maybe that thing is messed up so he couldn't hear the music well. But as a LOYAL fan, i should pretend that he never went off tune...hehehe! DBSK's live performances are so perfect except a few times...but thats alright!