January 16, 2008

Fahrenheit intend to start business

Fahrenheit attended the "Ao Hai Cheng" autograph session in Hong Kong Again.
This was right after the Wild Day Out 08 Concert." Everytime we come to Hong Kong,
it's always for promotion and work... we never really come here just to relax and visit."

"If we could just come when our plans are not as busy we would definitely visit the different
places of Hong Kong." said Jiro. Everyone knows that Wu Zun is a big fan of eating so
every time he attends promotion in Hong Kong he would go searching for the awesome food
in Hong Kong. However, this time it is different........now he can only stay in the hotel and wait
for their assistances to go out and buy take out food for the >.< .

" What is the best place you know in Hong Kong?" asked the reporter.
" I think its the back door of the kitchen, the hotel and the windows at the hotel." said Aaron.
" Each time we are only allowed to stay in the hotel so I think the best place we know is the Hotel."
"Actually, just being able to go down to the swimming pool in the hotel already makes me feel
the amazing feeling of being in Hong Kong." Jiro laughed.

" Since nowadays, many artists are starting their own businesses like Alan Luo ( Xiao Zhu)
and Jay Chou... are you guys planning to start any businesses of your own?" asked the reporter.

" Well we were planning to open a restaurant that is full of Fahrenheit things." said Aaron.
" And we are planning to have like one of us out of the week go and cook for a day and be
the main chef that day." Jiro Added.
" Or we planned also to have our own printed T- shirts and bags." Said Wu Zun.

In the Autograph session, Fahrenheit also showed fans how to dance to " CHuiShen Ru Hua"
and in doing so they all showed the edge of their boxers just for the trend! " everyone's doing that now.... like hip hop dancers they always show their underwear when they are dancing." Calvin said.

But because the autograph session only allowed so many people in many fans were waiting
there two days ahead! Fahrenheit says that they feel very worried about their fans safety & health and hopes that their fans will be safe every time they attend their promotions.

Also, for the first time, Fahrenheit's stamps have been released...
but they all said that they want money with their faces on it better!

Credit to evodrift@asianfanatics

Oh man, that would be great news for all Fahrenheit fans.One place for all Fahrenheit souvenirs. I want their printed T-shirts. And bags. And mini Fahrenheit dolls too. Even I am a bit too old to play with dolls, I'll just put them on display. This is like a dream come true. I'll get Hanakiwi and we'll go to their store everyday. I'll drag her to eat breakfast there and then after school I'll drag to her to eat lunch there. And sometimes, for dinner, I'll drag my family there. -sigh- won't that be awesome? Hey, Anti-kiwi, you can come join us too! Okay, time to stop dreaming....hehe


  1. aiyo!
    wen is dis??
    so near..its in hongkong..wer?

  2. u mean their business? well, they didnt make it yet... if your talking about the Wild Day Out show, it passed already, i dun live in hk, so im not really sure where it took place