January 10, 2008

Drama Progress Report

Well, I'll be getting my report card in few weeks so I decided to give a progress report on all the dramas that I'm watching right now.

Survivor's Law: 95/100
This series is awesome! A while ago, I was planning to stop watching TVB. This was the series that saved TVB from execution in my drama world. Kenneth shows his true acting abilities along with his comic skills. He's finally getting the recognition that he deserves. Ella Koon, well, she has improved heaps since RDOV(Revolving Doors of Vengeance). The two of them make a very interesting pair. As for Samuel, I don't like his character. Selena, her role is somewhat limited here but her acting has improved. I like how she rejected Samuel's help. Very strong!

Bull Fighting: 92/100
Love it! I can't wait for the next episode to come out! The whole cast is doing a really great job here. In the next few episodes, I'm think they're going to be the tear droppers. And this time, I will NOT skip these episodes even if I have to buy a a couple boxes of tissue.

Best Selling Secrets: 89/100
This series is great for dinner time. I eat and watch TV at the same time. I really don't know how this series does it, but it has caught my attention from ep 1- ep 217. I didn't even miss one episode of this series! But what I'm really looking forward to watching is Diana and Kau Jung's relationship. This is the most interesting pair in the series! And the short guy/computer whiz is so funny here too! Sorry, I don't know his name.

It Started With a Kiss 2: 85/100
This series is doing okay. The storyline is moving at a considerable speed; it's not too slow and not too fast. Joe is starting to open up his warmer side. And Ariel, well, she's trying to play matchmaker now. A female student from Class F likes Joe's brother whose in class A. But the brother doesn't like dumb people so he tells her that if her test scores is in the Top 100, then he'll be friends with her. Sounds familiar? Well, that was the storyline for It Started With a Kiss.

Wars of In Laws 2: 80/100
A lot of people seem to be enjoying this series, even the people in Hong Kong. I'm starting to lose my interest in this series. I think it's because I saw all those spoilers for this series. The first few episodes were super funny and then... i started to lose interest. By the way, I'm still not getting use to seeing Bosco's hair. It's way too curly.

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