January 20, 2008

DBSK Car Accident

TVXQ members, Jaejoong (22 years old) and Changmin (20 years old) met with a car accident today.

They were on their way to the Seoul Olympic Stadium and a taxi collided with their vehicle near Gangnam at around 1 PM. The fanmeeting starts at 2 PM

Both of them were rushed to the Gangnam hospital. When they had their body checked, they returned to the fanmeeting.

This is the first time the fanmeeting was delayed. It started at 3 PM. It has been quite some time since TVXQ spent time with the Korean fans.

On the other hand, TVXQ's Japanese Single "Purple Line" topped first in the Oricon Single Charts. This means they are popular in Japan.

21 일 일본으로 가는 동방신기는 올 하반기 정규 음반을 발표하면서 국내활동을 재개할 계획이다. (i don't understand this. But it's something about their future korean activities will be announced later. and they'll return to Japan tomorrow)?

credits: newsis + __Christine@cyxion forums + viruslove_dbsg@CSSPF Translated by __Christine@cyxion forums

Oh gosh, I was shocked when I first read the headlines. I hope Hero and Max are alright now...


  1. =o heartbroken
    jaejoongie and changminie didnt get severely injuried right? =\
    thankgod the members dont all take one taxi -.-' the taxi driver was probably looking at them in the mirror and forgot to look ahead -.-'

  2. ^LOL -.-;;

    hope they are both alright >.<

  3. oi i read about this on a website
    that really sucks
    they have some pretty cool songs!!!
    they are the second korean group i've heard of
    the first one was Super Junior
    but now they've broken up
    they are a group of 13 guys
    they sing songs in pretty much every asian language!!!
    its pretty coo!!!

  4. WAT?!?! Super Junior broke up?!?!?! OOO, i haven't that news yet...