January 30, 2008

Competition in Fire Basketball! Xiao Zhu, Jerry Teases Wu Zun

Source: UDN Translated by Cmiley@asianfanatics

Before GTV idol drama "Fire Basketball" started filming; Jerry, Show and Wu Zun all had their own fans supporting and there was even competition for the rankings, yesterday the 3 once again is together to film a scene, in no order of name rank rather for basketball skills; Show Xiao Zhu says he plays like a leopard, Jerry said himself he plays off some coolness and does a bows the crowd, and is often laughed at: "Are you filming an MV?"

"Fire Basketball"'s main leads were all together yesterda, during the filming of the game; Jerry, Xiao Zhu and Wu Zun and others were playing a small match while the director was adjusting the camera during the free time, even the dramas 2 flowers; CoCo Jiang and Zhou Cai Si laughed: "It's even our first time to watch the 5 guys play ball!"

In the drama Jerry and Xiao Zhu, Zhang Xun Jie are against Wu Zun, Wu Yu Wei, outside of the dama Jerry and Xiao Zhu do have a good relationship, the two often likes to tease Wu Zun, yesterday while Wu Zun had the camera focused on him, Xiao Zhu was across making gun sounds, making exagerated expressions, then Jerry noticed and joined in the game with Xiao Zhu together playing cute making Wu Zun almost laugh; replying: "Stop bothering me!"

The 3 filming use full energy, during the ball game the win or loss mattered, naming themselves unbeatable, Jerry laughs: "I have a Korean teammate that's really good, encouraging us to make the team to win even more, so usually they're often wins." He also disclosed he has a special habit during ball games, "after a shot, I naturally go about running a circle, laughed at by friends saying: are you playing ball or filming MV? it's like you're looking for cheers."

Xiao Zhu and Wu Zun personally have played together a few times, speaking of each others ball habits, Wu Zun says: "when I play ball I usually lower the head and charge, jumping strength is not bad, like a flying person, old eagle." Xiao Zhu says he's a fast like a leopard, and each time playing with Wu Zun in a team wins for sure. Xiao Zhu laughs: It's because we usually choose the ones that look more weak to play."

To make all the idol drama #1 Guys even more handsome, "Fire Basketball" script crew especially found the newest Kneepad, cuff equipment for Jerry, Xiao Zhu and Wu Zun, usually they care the most about the basketball shoes, Xiao Zhu at home has about 1000 pairs of bball shoes, Wu Zun also not loosing in Taipei has about 10 pairs and lovingly will place them in certain orders. Jerry owns one of two of the whole Taiwan's limited edition brand name shoes, he laughs: "but I've never worn them out before!"

I am so going to look forward to this series next to the other one with Arron in it. I can't believe that Xiao Zhu has 1000 pairs of bball shoes. He probably uses a whole room to store all those shoes...hahaha.

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