January 25, 2008

Bull Fighting Wraps Up

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Cheers! Bull Fighting has finally finished filming and the three leads are parting. Mike is off on vacation; Hebe's going to China to attend some concert; Lee Wei is going to be working. And up to now, this series is still number one on my list. Its got everything you could ask for whether it's the strong cast or a meaningful storyline.

I just watched episode 10 and trust me you are gonna have to keep a box of tissues by your side. Just watching Mike unwillingly leave Hebe causes some tear drops. Mike is one great actor. He doesn't just use words to describe his unwillingness to leave Hebe; he uses his eyes. His eyes will tell you exactly how he's feeling.

One of my English teachers once said that eyes are the window to the soul. At that time, I didn't get what he was trying to say but now after watching Bull Fighting, I somewhat understand. Mike's eyes are the window to his soul. On one hand, he wants to save his father's company but in order to that he must marry the daughter of the banker. However, if he complies with that, then he must release his other hand that is holding Hebe.

The situation becomes worse when the banker makes it clear that Mike has no choice but to marry her daughter. And if he refuses to marry her daughter, the banker will go after Hebe and 13th Street. Mike then chooses to comply with the banker to protect Hebe at all cost but in doing so Hebe becomes heartbroken.[This girl has amazing crying scenes!]

At this point of the series, you will most likely find yourself cursing at your monitor and your parents might bring you to see a doctor. Mike's father and that banker are the most greediest and self-centered parents I've ever seen. One uses his son to save his company; the other uses her daughter to get a successor to her company. Their despicable actions will make you want to curse your computer monitor but you know you can't do that because your parents will think you're crazy. [well, my dad saw me waving my finger at my monitor when I was watching this and he asked me if i needed to see a doctor.]

-Sigh- Finally all the anger has been dispersed...


  1. Hey_yaH^^

    I love bulllfighting too!!espeially mike he hes so awesome <3 and guese what im a drama fanatic too yay for us! lol and i just stated last october when my friends show me some asian dramas and after that i got addicted to it even my parents thought that i will soon turn to japanese, korean, or chinese... haha well that wont be a bad i idea since im trying to learn their language but its so hard... anyways i really like ur thought about bullfighting it really cracks me up and since a girl just reading somehting in the internet laughing like a crazy women seems weird to ppl lmao.. anyways hope u have some more post ill look forward to it^^ and hey if u could recomend some asain dramas for me xP

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment! It's really encouraging! :)

    Glad to hear you're an addict too! Hehe

    There are lots of really good Asian dramas out there. The drama that I would highly recommend is My Lucky Star. Have you watched that one yet? It's really good! If you want to know more about it, you could visit my friend's blog. She has two posts on MLS! Oh man, that series was so good. If you like Bull Fighting, then you are going to love My Lucky Star! :)

    By the way,my friend's website is www.just-us.houki-boshi.org