December 19, 2007

What is Celsius doing right now?

I'm getting tired of TVB right now. I am not watching "The Building Blocks of Life" or "Marriage of Inconveniences" because those series just don't seem interesting to me. I know that one is not suppose to judge a book by its cover, but the book has got to have some kind of hooker to get my attention as a viewer. Well, both series pretty much failed that part. The only TVB series that I am going to continue watching is Best Selling Secrets. And I plan to finish this long series because it's actually interesting, comical, and emotional plus i want to see how kau jun and diana will end up together(I'm pretty sure they will or at least I hope so).

After, Romantic Princess was over last week, the only Taiwan drama that I'm watching now is Bull Fighting with Hebe Tian, Lee Wei, and Mike He. I really like this series because the storyline is interesting and this is my first time watching Hebe act. GO Hebe! Hehehe...the only thing that I don't really like is Mike's hair. I'm still debating whether or not I should watch the sequel to ISWAK. Sequels TEND to be failures.

Thanks to my GREAT friend, Meinbao, I am starting to develop an interest in a Korean boy band called Dong Bang Shin Ki. This group which consists of five smoking (for shao) shizzling guys can really dance, sing, and pretty much do everything. Maybe I'll dedicate a special post to them next week!

But for now, as we all know, Christmas is right around the corner. Santa Claus is only giving presents to good children so I hope you all have been good this year and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone!!! I wish everyone a WHITE CHRISTMAS this year!!!

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  1. i think you should change the work smoking to shizzling... i dont like the word smoking =[