December 05, 2007

Universal's Free Photo Booth

This is my first non-Asian post about a phony free photo booth. It's really funny, you should take a look at it. So people enter the photo booth to get their free photos but they're being tricked by the automatic voice teller thingy which in this case not a machine but a real human being.

The second and third one are hilarious. In the second one,the voice says ...for Japanese say Japanese, then the girl says Japanese and the voice replies I'm sorry I don't speak Japanese. Hehehe. The third one is more funny. The little girl on the left gives good poses while the boy does the same pose. When the kids are getting ready to leave, the booth says, let's start over.

omg...the little girl is like ur not the boss of me. The voice goes i'm calling your parents. the girl's like okay, im going...hehehe

BTW, today's Leila's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEILA!

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