December 29, 2007

Reflections of 2007

It's almost the end of the year of 2007. This is the year where I ventured successfully into the Taiwan entertainment arena. The years before, I stuck with TVB, watching only TVB series. However, this year, I broke that habit and watched Taiwan dramas. I've also entered a bit into the Korean entertainment, well mainly, the music section(DBSK!!!).

Top Dramas of 2007

-The Brink of Law:
This series was pretty good with Michelle Yim as a villian. She wasn't a true villian, her husband was. I can't believe that her husband killed Ron, his own son!

-Heart of Greed:
The series that got the most buzz in 2007. I got a bit bored in the middle of the series but I continued watching and the storyline started to pick up towards the end of the series. Moses played a super comical character here, it would be lucky to meet such a person in real life.

-Word Twister Adventure:
Charmaine and Jordan were hilarious here! This series started out great but the ending was a little, eh, rushed...

-My Lucky Star:
Really great series with Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na(Korean actress), although i skipped a few chapters to save a box of tissues...

-Hana Kimi:
Hana Kimi was the first Taiwan series that I remember watching. I probably watched some more Taiwan dramas when I was younger, but I don't remember them at all. This was also the series that got me interested in Fahrenheit after seeing Wu Chun and Jiro here. I actually enjoyed watched Ella's EXAGGERATED acting here!

-Bull Fighting:
This series has not ended yet, it's probably not going to end till sometime after January. This is my first time seeing Hebe in a drama and so far her acting is pretty good. The storyline is quite attracting especially the triangle between mike, hebe, and lee wei. I support MIKE + HEBE in this series! It would be great if Arron and Hebe are able to film a series together.

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