December 26, 2007

More on Bull Fighting

*Spoilers ahead*

I'm waiting for ep 7 of Bull Fighting to come out...let me tell you, it's an awfully long wait. Unlike TVB series, Taiwan series usually air one episode per week. That's so sad...I have to wait 4 more days for ep 7 to come out. Anyway, here's a very very very short background summary about Bull Fighting...


This series begins with a yearly basketball match between two schools: East Sun and Blue (i think). This yearly basketball match which i will call the "Bull Fighting match" gives the winner control of the 13th street basketball court. And for the past 9 years, East Sun school has won the Bull Fighting matches. Can they do it again for a 10th win?.......unfortunately, they lose...

I believe that this is the destined couple (Hebe + Mike) for this series although some people might want Hebe to be with Lee Wei who is a very loyal friend/brother/bodyguard to Hebe.

Lee Wei, Hebe, and Mike. From what I see, this is the love triangle in the series. Lee Wei has a crush on Hebe but Hebe only sees him as a "very good brother" and not a future life companion. Hebe seems to have a thing for Mike as this drama progresses and Mike also seems to return her affections...However, in the preview for ep 7, their relationship will meet an obstacle.

What's the obstacle?

Looks like Mike will have to go out with the daughter of a banker to save his father's company from closing down. Aww, that means that Hebe is either going to have a crying scene in ep 7 or ep 8...


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  4. I love this movie really much.It makes me laugh, have fun, and enjoy.Mike and Hebe is a perfect couple.Love ya