December 29, 2007

Fahrenheit MV: 為你存在

Article: credit to AF Forum

In their new song "Wei Ni Cun Zai", Fahrenheit became Greek angels. The four of them wore soft long robes, Wu Chun's muscles were exposed and Calvin could not stop laughing and said "Chun doesn't look like an angel, he looks like Hercules"

Calvin, who is on the skinny side, actually looked quite good in this 'Angel Costume" and called himself the "Roman King". Jiro, who kept looking in front of the mirror at all angles said "I feel like I am Adam, looking for Eve.". And Arron, who is the youngest, and those shortest kept goofing around while filming and Jiro shouted "You're actually just a Flower Boy from someone's wedding, trying to pretend to be Cupid!"

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