December 30, 2007

Fahrenheit's next album

Credits to yesasia

OMG, Fahrenheit's next album is 5 days away and Year 2008 is 2 days away! Today, after a really successful day at work, I decided to drop by the music store and preorder Fahrenheit's second album. AHHH, this is the first time im preordering. I decided to just get the cd with the folder(whatever that is). I also got a poster with it friend got me the same poster for christmas. o well, now i have two! yippeee! Happy New Year to all silent readers, active commenters, friends, and family members! I'll be back next year! Good bye 2007! Welcome 2008!

December 29, 2007

Reflections of 2007

It's almost the end of the year of 2007. This is the year where I ventured successfully into the Taiwan entertainment arena. The years before, I stuck with TVB, watching only TVB series. However, this year, I broke that habit and watched Taiwan dramas. I've also entered a bit into the Korean entertainment, well mainly, the music section(DBSK!!!).

Top Dramas of 2007

-The Brink of Law:
This series was pretty good with Michelle Yim as a villian. She wasn't a true villian, her husband was. I can't believe that her husband killed Ron, his own son!

-Heart of Greed:
The series that got the most buzz in 2007. I got a bit bored in the middle of the series but I continued watching and the storyline started to pick up towards the end of the series. Moses played a super comical character here, it would be lucky to meet such a person in real life.

-Word Twister Adventure:
Charmaine and Jordan were hilarious here! This series started out great but the ending was a little, eh, rushed...

-My Lucky Star:
Really great series with Jimmy Lin and Yoo Ha Na(Korean actress), although i skipped a few chapters to save a box of tissues...

-Hana Kimi:
Hana Kimi was the first Taiwan series that I remember watching. I probably watched some more Taiwan dramas when I was younger, but I don't remember them at all. This was also the series that got me interested in Fahrenheit after seeing Wu Chun and Jiro here. I actually enjoyed watched Ella's EXAGGERATED acting here!

-Bull Fighting:
This series has not ended yet, it's probably not going to end till sometime after January. This is my first time seeing Hebe in a drama and so far her acting is pretty good. The storyline is quite attracting especially the triangle between mike, hebe, and lee wei. I support MIKE + HEBE in this series! It would be great if Arron and Hebe are able to film a series together.

Fahrenheit MV: 為你存在

Article: credit to AF Forum

In their new song "Wei Ni Cun Zai", Fahrenheit became Greek angels. The four of them wore soft long robes, Wu Chun's muscles were exposed and Calvin could not stop laughing and said "Chun doesn't look like an angel, he looks like Hercules"

Calvin, who is on the skinny side, actually looked quite good in this 'Angel Costume" and called himself the "Roman King". Jiro, who kept looking in front of the mirror at all angles said "I feel like I am Adam, looking for Eve.". And Arron, who is the youngest, and those shortest kept goofing around while filming and Jiro shouted "You're actually just a Flower Boy from someone's wedding, trying to pretend to be Cupid!"

December 26, 2007

More on Bull Fighting

*Spoilers ahead*

I'm waiting for ep 7 of Bull Fighting to come out...let me tell you, it's an awfully long wait. Unlike TVB series, Taiwan series usually air one episode per week. That's so sad...I have to wait 4 more days for ep 7 to come out. Anyway, here's a very very very short background summary about Bull Fighting...


This series begins with a yearly basketball match between two schools: East Sun and Blue (i think). This yearly basketball match which i will call the "Bull Fighting match" gives the winner control of the 13th street basketball court. And for the past 9 years, East Sun school has won the Bull Fighting matches. Can they do it again for a 10th win?.......unfortunately, they lose...

I believe that this is the destined couple (Hebe + Mike) for this series although some people might want Hebe to be with Lee Wei who is a very loyal friend/brother/bodyguard to Hebe.

Lee Wei, Hebe, and Mike. From what I see, this is the love triangle in the series. Lee Wei has a crush on Hebe but Hebe only sees him as a "very good brother" and not a future life companion. Hebe seems to have a thing for Mike as this drama progresses and Mike also seems to return her affections...However, in the preview for ep 7, their relationship will meet an obstacle.

What's the obstacle?

Looks like Mike will have to go out with the daughter of a banker to save his father's company from closing down. Aww, that means that Hebe is either going to have a crying scene in ep 7 or ep 8...

December 24, 2007

Seasons Greeting

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years Everyone!

ahh, the art of lip synching...
Have a happy holiday!

December 22, 2007

DBSK photos

(To Emma: Here they are, sorry for posting so late... =X)

This is the talented group that was mentioned in an earlier post. This Korean group known as Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) consists of five shizzling (<- that is not even a word shao!)members. Go here for more information on this popular Korean group. ----------------------------------------------------------
All pics credited to AsianFanatics DBSk Gallery

Left to right: Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, U-Know

Left to right: Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max, U-Know

Top Left to Right: Xiah, Micky, Max
Bottom Left to Right: Hero, U-Know

Now that you've seen them all...please help sign this petition to get them to come to the U.S.
Sign Petition

December 20, 2007

Online Petition

Live in the U.S? Want to see some talented Asian boyband that can DANCE? and SING? Well, go to the site below and sign the petition for DBSK to come to America

Thanks for taking your time to sign this petition.

December 19, 2007

What is Celsius doing right now?

I'm getting tired of TVB right now. I am not watching "The Building Blocks of Life" or "Marriage of Inconveniences" because those series just don't seem interesting to me. I know that one is not suppose to judge a book by its cover, but the book has got to have some kind of hooker to get my attention as a viewer. Well, both series pretty much failed that part. The only TVB series that I am going to continue watching is Best Selling Secrets. And I plan to finish this long series because it's actually interesting, comical, and emotional plus i want to see how kau jun and diana will end up together(I'm pretty sure they will or at least I hope so).

After, Romantic Princess was over last week, the only Taiwan drama that I'm watching now is Bull Fighting with Hebe Tian, Lee Wei, and Mike He. I really like this series because the storyline is interesting and this is my first time watching Hebe act. GO Hebe! Hehehe...the only thing that I don't really like is Mike's hair. I'm still debating whether or not I should watch the sequel to ISWAK. Sequels TEND to be failures.

Thanks to my GREAT friend, Meinbao, I am starting to develop an interest in a Korean boy band called Dong Bang Shin Ki. This group which consists of five smoking (for shao) shizzling guys can really dance, sing, and pretty much do everything. Maybe I'll dedicate a special post to them next week!

But for now, as we all know, Christmas is right around the corner. Santa Claus is only giving presents to good children so I hope you all have been good this year and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to everyone!!! I wish everyone a WHITE CHRISTMAS this year!!!

December 17, 2007

Romantic Princess Official MV

AHHHHH!!! The official Romantic Princess MV is out today! This MV is so colorful and kawaii. Aww, everyone is partnered up except for Arron. O well, he gets to be the dance instructor. They look like they're having a lot of fun! Ahhh, i wish i was there!!! heheheheheee, enjoys guys and girls!

December 13, 2007

Romantic Princess Themesong(Full Version)

Finally, the long waited full version of Romantic Princess' themesong is out! This song will be in Fahrenheit's next album which is due to come Jan 4 2008, i think. Please support them and buy the CD or DVD!

December 12, 2007

Romantic Princess Screen Caps

This was part of the bloopers for Romantic Princess. Here you can somewhat see Wu Chun's tattoo on his arm. The dude in the back is the director of Romantic Princess...hehe...he's trying to be muscular like Wu Chun.

This is also part of the bloopers...Wu Chun is acting silly here.

Now this is in the series. Here, the fake granddaughter is daydreaming about what Wu Chun might do to her tonight. Ooo ~la ~la

The fake granddaughter looks really scared and Wu Chun is about to take off his bathrobe here.

December 10, 2007

Bull Fighting Themesong

DramaWiki for lyrics
fionamike01 for video

Themesong by Tank

dou niu yao bu yao

yong jiao ao dan tiao

cheng ren ni ruo jiu kuai dian tao

dou niu yao bu yao

zhe di pan wo yao

ni xian zai hai lai de ji tao

場上的節奏 跟著我的腳步走
chang shang de jie zou gen zhe wo de jiao bu zou

我冷靜從容 掌控這個宇宙
wo leng jing cong rong zhang kong zhe ge yu zhou

ni yi wei zai gen shei da lan qiu


wo zuo you huan shou guo ren xing jiu tu puo


wo zhe zhong lian fa bu shi ni neng gou fang shou


ni bie zai wo de mian qian xian chou


qing qing hua guo wo de qiu yi sheng po wang

liang fen zhong

wo de dui shou bu yong gan dao shi luo

ying qiu zhe zhong tian fen ni mei you

想跟我決鬥 你還要練很久
xiang gen wo jue dou ni hai yao lian hen jiu

我生而為王 勝利是我的王后
wo sheng er wei wang sheng li shi wo de wang hou

ni bie wang xiang neng gou da bai wo

December 09, 2007

Bull Fighting End Song

This is the ending song of Bull Fighting sang by S.H.E, a very talented Taiwan all female group. It's very relaxing and beautiful. Enjoy now~

lzj96 @youtube for lyrics and pin yin
Little_Purple_Bell for English translation(comes after the Chinese part)


tiao yi zhang ye dan ka xie shang man man zhu fu de hua

地址寫的是心底 你能不能收到它
di zhi xie de shi xin di ni neng bu neng shou dao ta

天有點冷 風有點大 城市寧靜而喧嘩
tian you dian leng feng you dian da cheng shi ning jing er xuan hua

這一個冬天 我得一個人走回家
zhe yi ge dong tian wo dei yi ge ren zhou hui jia

wen zi ji xi guan le ma

mei you ni mei dao ye li hui sheng bian de hao da

you mei you shen me hao fang fa rang ji mo geng ting hua

你最近還好嗎 是不是也在思念裏掙紮
ni zui jin hai hao ma shi bu shi ye zai si nian li zhen zha

你說會記得我 還記得嗎
ni shuo hui ji de wo hai ji de ma

ni zui jin hai hao ma

忙碌嗎累嗎 心還會痛嗎
mang lu ma lei ma xin hai hui tong ma

ru guo zhen bu de yi wang le wo

kuai xiang kuai le chu fa

you zai duo de qian guo dou yi mei you quan li biao da

jiu qing ren gei de wen hou bi mo sheng ren hai gan ga

昨天遠了 明天還長 回憶模糊但巨大
zuo tian yuan le ming tian hai chang hui yi mo hu dan ju da

zhe yang de sheng ye yan lei yao zen me bu liu xia

wen zi ji xi guan le ma

mei you ni mei dao ye li hui sheng hao da

you mei you sheng me hao fang fa rang ji mo geng ting hua

你最近還好嗎 是不是也在思念裏掙紮
ni zui jin hai hao ma shi bu shi ye zai si nian li zhen za

你說會記得我 還記得嗎
ni shuo hui ji de wo hai ji de ma

ni zui jin hai hao ma

忙碌嗎累嗎 心還會痛嗎
mang lu ma lei ma xin hai hui tong ma

ru guo zhen bu de yi wang le wo

kuai xiang kuai le chu fa

你最近還好嗎 是不是也在思念裏掙紮
ni zui jin hai hao ma shi bu shi ye zai si nian li zhen za

你說會記得我 還記得嗎
ni shuo hui ji de wo hai ji de ma

ni zui jin hai hao ma

忙碌嗎累嗎 心還會痛嗎
mang lu ma lei ma xin hai hui tong ma

ru guo zhen bu de yi wang le wo

kuai xiang kuai le chu fa

English Translation

Have You Been Well Lately? - S.H.E

I have chosen a Christmas card, of which I have written fully of my blessings.
As the address, I have written to the bottom of your heart; are you able to receive it?
The weather is a little cold; the wind is a little strong.
The city is silent, yet it feels like an uproar.
During this winter, I can only walk myself home alone.

#I ask myself whether I have gotten used to it yet.
Without you, every time the night comes around, the echoes become very loud.
Are there any good methods for loneliness to become obedient?

*Have you been well lately?
Are you also struggling within your longings?
You told me that you will remember me, do you still?
Have you been well lately?
Have you been busy? Are you tired? Does your heart still hurt?
If you have really accidentally forgotten about me,
Hurry up and set off to happiness.

No matter how much I miss you, I now have no rights to express it.
Greetings sent by an old lover are even more embarassing than ones from strangers.
Yesterday is far, tomorrow is long; my memories are vague, yet immense.
With a dark night like this, how can tears not be flowing down?

(Repeat # / * / * )

December 08, 2007

Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要

Bull Fighting 鬥牛。要不要

It started as a 3-on-3 basketball competition between two rival schools; an annual event in which the winner would control the 13th Street basketball court for the following year. To everybody's surprise, the 9-year reigning champion lost this year... and it was all because of one girl. Now, this game has a new purpose.

Celsius Thoughts

So far, I love this series. It has a very captivating storyline, very good songs, and a great cast. This is my first time watching Hebe act in a drama and she's doing a great job. I only have one complaint about the one of the cast tho...i really think that mike needs a haircut. i really dun like his hair here but i will deal with it.

Lee Wei, his character is very tough and went thru a lot of childhood pain... i guess. Right now, I see a triangle in this series. Lee Wei like Hebe but Hebe likes Mike, and Mike...well...i think he likes Hebe or so it seems.

*Spoiler below*

And Mike's dad is a conceited bum, excuse me for my language, but he only thinks about himself even tho he says its for the family. He's using his son to...protect his everything-belongings, social status, etc...because his company is failing right now and really needs money to function properly again.

He uses Mike to try to woo the bank lady's daughter so that he could get money to save his company. However, that plan fails, and he's(Mike's father) now using Mike to trick Hebe into giving him(Mike) 13 Street which is owned by Hebe's father. He(Mike's father) wants 13 street so that he can trade this property with the bank lady for money.

*Spoiler ends*

December 05, 2007

Universal's Free Photo Booth

This is my first non-Asian post about a phony free photo booth. It's really funny, you should take a look at it. So people enter the photo booth to get their free photos but they're being tricked by the automatic voice teller thingy which in this case not a machine but a real human being.

The second and third one are hilarious. In the second one,the voice says ...for Japanese say Japanese, then the girl says Japanese and the voice replies I'm sorry I don't speak Japanese. Hehehe. The third one is more funny. The little girl on the left gives good poses while the boy does the same pose. When the kids are getting ready to leave, the booth says, let's start over.

omg...the little girl is like ur not the boss of me. The voice goes i'm calling your parents. the girl's like okay, im going...hehehe

BTW, today's Leila's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEILA!

December 03, 2007

Fahrenheit New MV

I never saw this MV until today so I'm guessing it's new. It's pretty good not that bad. It's promoting Mickey Mouse! And I like the colors used in the MV, red and white. At least, it's half christmasy -i dun think that's a word- I like Arron's outfit the most. He's wearing a red long sleeve with a white shirt on top...actually they all really smtg like pretty sure this will be on their next album which is scheduled to come out early next year.

December 02, 2007

TVB Anniversary Awards Pointers

I'm pretty sure that by now many people have watched the TVB Anniversary Award. I rewatched it last night and spotted interesting stuff.

Seems like Bobby and Lau Dan got bored and started chit chatting. I guess I'm not the only one that chit chats with others when someone is giving a speech.

Oop...Louis Yuen got bored too and joined their conversation.

What's with the smile Roger?(He's been keeping a smile on his face since the guy began his speech) It's okay to relax, just look behind you!

Isn't it kinda of late for Halloween?

Looks like Bosco regained his hair fashion sense but I think the curse got passed onto Ron...

December Birthdays's freezing cold. December is a very cold/warm month. It's cold because of the weather. It's warm because of Christmas, Santa Claus, Presents, and more Presents. Now who are the lucky people who were born in December?

December 5

Leila Tong

December 6
Hacken Lee

December 8

Raymond Lam

December 11

Rain Lau

Leon Lai

December 13

Bosco Wong

December 16

Gallen Lo

December 19

Frankie Lam

December 28

Mike He

Credits to yummy celebrities, d-addicts, Leon Fans' World