November 14, 2007

Romantic Princess Extended

For those of you watching Romantic Princess, the total number of episodes have been changed once again. Originally, it was said to have 10 episodes. However, due to its popularity, this series is going to have some extra episodes. The exact number is currently unknown but the guess is 13 episodes. If you want to have more information about this, you can visit the AF forum.


  1. awesomeee xD i'm up to ep 6 cant wait to watch more >.< oh and i got my mom into it too :D so now she watches it with me if she has time to hehehe

  2. what's AF forum? lols i cant wait!! epi 10 airs two nights later ><;

  3. AF forum is the asianfanatics forum ... guess it's time to put up some screenshots of wu chun in epi 10 ;)