November 28, 2007

I'm Back With Word Twister Adventure

It's been a week since my modem died! It was horrible....imagine one week without internet. -sigh- But I have internet again! I just got my modem and now blogging time!

OMG... Word Twister Adventure is hilarious! I really enjoyed that joke that Charmaine told about bananas. When I first heard the first three words, I started laughing like crazy! A joke about bananas...hahahaha...don't really hear much of those these days...I noe...i'm crazy...

Credits to shao for screen caps

Charmaine: One day two bananas went out. After walking half way, one banana slipped. Why?
Jordan: Bananas don't have feet!
Charmaine: Wrong!
Michael: The banana in the front slipped.
Charmaine: Wrong! Listen everyone, be careful of getting a stomach ache from laughing.
Because that day was very hot, the banana took off his jacket and the banana behind slipped on it.

yea so that was the joke...sorry for my lousy translation...


  1. hahahs, yea it was a dumb joke.. but anyways, did you notice charmaine's expression is like.. the same >_>; and weird and... rofls okay, i'm having an anti-charmaine moment rofls XD