October 12, 2007

Introduction: Wu Chun

Name: Wu Chun
Birthday: October 10, 1979
Age: 28
Birthplace: Brunei
Height: 181 cm/5'11
Zodiac Sign: Sheep
Star Sign: Libra
Music Group: Fahrenheit
Temperature: Cool Autumn 59F

- Ko One
- Tokyo Juliet
- Hana Kimi
- The X-Family
- Romantic Princess(currently airing)

Be sure to watch his newest series: The Romantic Princess


  1. omg. The Romantic Princess is sooo good<3* currently waiting for episode 07 ;]

  2. typo on ur blog

  3. wu chun i love u

  4. er.. u hav info bout sexy wu, hot jiro, and steamy calvin..but wut bout arron?

  5. u'r act in some movie and drama is so good and funtustic.i love so much brother.visit my country please!!!!
    do you know borobudur temple?that's in my town.i hope we can meet if you go 2 my country.yin ni.go mto jakarta please!!!
    waiting 4 u'r next best drama.,.,.,
    I luv u'r sexy smile n d other smile of u.wo shi yin ni ren do u can speak indonesian???I hope can . . . .